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48th Wisconsin Infantry

Regimental History
Forty-eighth Infantry. — Cols., Uri B. Pearsall, Henry Shears; Lieut. - Cols., Henry Shears, Cyrus M. Butt; John B. Vosburgh. This regiment was organized at Camp Washburn, Milwaukee, in Feb. and March, 1865. Eight companies left the state March 22 and reported at Benton barracks, St. Louis, Mo. where they were ordered to Paola, Kan. Co. C was ordered to Lawrence, Co. H to Olathe, F and G were retained at Paola, and A, B, D and E were sent to Fort Scott. Cos. I and K left Wisconsin March 28 and arrived at Fort Scott April 28. Col. Pearsall was placed in command at Fort Scott early in May, and Maj. Butt was placed in command of all the troops in Miami and Johnson counties, with head-quarters at Paola. The regiment was employed by detachments in getting out timber for fortifications, protecting the country from guerrillas, constructing bridges, erecting new buildings, etc. On July 19 Col. Pearsall was assigned to the command of all the troops in and west of Neosho Valley, Kan., with head-quarters at Humboldt, Lieut. -Col. Shears succeeding to the command of Fort Scott. Capt. C. W. Felker succeeded to the command of the regiment, and on Aug. 10 the 48th was ordered to Lawrence. It left that place Sept. 6, for Fort Zarah, Kan., where Cos. E and G were stationed, and the remainder of the regiment moved to Fort Larned. On Oct. 1, the regiment was divided into detachments and sent to various posts for the purpose of guarding mail and government trains against the Indians. Cos. A, H, E and G were mustered out at Leavenworth Dec. 30, 1865, Cos. B, D, F and I, on Feb. 19, 1866, and Cos. C and K on March 24. The original strength of the regiment was 828. Gain by recruits, 4; total, 832. Loss by death, 9; desertion, 67; discharge, 36; mustered out, 720.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 4

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