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25th New Jersey Infantry

Regimental History
Twenty-fifth Infantry. — Col., Andrew Derrom; Lieut.-Col., Enoch J. Ayres; Maj., John K. Brown. Among the 9-months regiments sent to the field from New Jersey, few performed more signal service or made a finer record than the 25th. The regiment, composed about equally of citizens of the northern and southern sections of the state, was fortunate in securing as its commander a man of thorough soldierly qualifications, combined with great energy and force of character, whose heart was in the work in which he was engaged, and who, enjoying the entire confidence of his command, was able to make it, in the highest degree, useful and efficient. Moreover, the men composing the regiment were of the best class, whether as to intelligence or personal physique, and adapted themselves readily and cheerfully to all the requirements of the service. The regiment left its camp at Beverly on Oct. 10, 1862, and arrived at Washington on the following day. Going into camp at Capitol hill, it was assigned to the 2nd brigade of Casey's division, consisting of the 27th N. J., 12th and 13th Vt. and 12th Mass. battery. Col. Derrom being placed in temporary command of the brigade. Acquia creek was reached on Dec. 8, the regiment crossing the Potomac in transports from Liverpool Point, and on the following day proceeding directly to Falmouth, where it was assigned to the 1st brigade, 3d division, 9th army corps. It took a conspicuous part in the battle of Fredericksburg and met with a loss in the conflict of 9 killed, 58 wounded and 18 missing. It also participated in an engagement near Suffolk in May, 1863, in which the behavior of the men was most admirable, the loss of the regiment being 2 killed and 9 wounded. That was the last fight in which the 25th was engaged. On June 4 it was ordered to proceed to Portsmouth and take transportation for New Jersey, and four days later reached Camp Cadwallader at Beverly, where on June 20 it was mustered out of the service. The total strength of the regiment was 1,019, andd it lost during its term of service, by resignation 11, by discharge 92, by promotion 13, by transfer 3, by death 57, by desertion 18, by dismissal 1, not accounted for 5, mustered out, 819.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 3

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