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23rd New Jersey Infantry

Regimental History
Twenty-third Infantry. — Cols., John S. Cox, Henry O. Ryerson, E. Burd Grubb; Lieut.-Cols., George C. Brown, Francis W. Milnor; Majs., Alfred Thompson, William J. Parmentier. This regiment was raised in the summer and fall of 1862 and was mustered into the Federal service at Beverly on Sept. 13, Co. A from the city and township of Burlington being the first to reach the rendezvous, on Aug. 25, Co. B of Bordentown mustering the same evening. Leaving Beverly on Sept. 24, the regiment proceeded to Washington, going into camp on East Capitol hill, but in a few days afterward moved to Frederick City, Md. There it remained until Oct. 8, when it started for Bakersville to join the 1st N. J. brigade, with which it was ever after identified. It participated in the battle of Fredericksburg and lost in that engagement 3 officers and 57 men, killed or wounded. At Chancellorsville and Salem Church it also performed noble service and continued in the field until the expiration of its term of enlistment, when it was ordered to return to New Jersey for discharge. While at Beverly, awaiting muster out, information was received of the invasion of Pennsylvania by Gen. Lee with the Confederate army in strength. The command was immediately tendered to the governor and accepted, and at once proceeded to Harrisburg, the threatened point. It remained in that vicinity until the danger had passed, when it returned to the state and was mustered out at Beverly, N. J., June 27, 1863. The total strength of the regiment was 1,035, and it lost during its term of service, by resignation 18, by discharge 80, by promotion 31, by transfer 4, by death 84, by desertion 10, by dismissal 1, mustered out, 807.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 3

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