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18th New Hampshire Regiment Infantry

Regimental History
Eighteenth Infantry. — Cols., Thomas L. Livermore, Joseph M. Clough; Lieut.-Cols., Joseph M. Clough, Willis G. C. Kimball; Majs., William I. Brown, Alvah K. Potter, Silas F. Learnard. This regiment was raised from the state at large, for one and three years, six companies under the call of July 18, and four under the call of Dec. 19, 1864. The organization was completed on April 6, 1865, and the troops were mustered into service at Concord. Co. K was mustered out on May 6, 1865, at Galloupe's island, Mass.; Cos. A, B, C, D, E and F on June 10, 1865, at the Delaney house in the District of Columbia ; and Cos. G, H, and I on July 29, 1865, at the Delaney house, with the field and staff officers. The regiment numbered 978, its loss by death being 37, of whom 3 were killed or died of wounds. The first six companies were ordered to City Point, Va., where they were joined in Feb., 1865, by companies G and H. In March, company I joined the command at Petersburg, but on account of Lee's surrender, Co. K was held at Galloupe's island. On March 25, the regiment aided in the capture of Fort Stedman, Va., and remained in that fort until the fall of Petersburg. On April 2, in an engagement with the enemy before Petersburg, it met with slight losses. It was placed on guard duty in Washington, during the court-martial which tried the conspirators against President Lincoln, this closing their active service.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 1

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