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14th New Hampshire Regiment Infantry

Regimental History
Fourteenth Infantry. — Cols., Robert Wilson, Alexander Gardiner, Carroll D. Wright, Theodore A. Ripley; Lieut.-Cols., Tileston A. Barker, Oliver H. Marston; Majs., Samuel A. Duncan, Alexander Gardiner, Flavel L. Tolman. This regiment, mostly from the south- western part of the state, was mustered in for three years at Concord in Sept. and Oct., 1862. It was mustered out July 8, 1865, at Savannah, Ga. The original members numbered 968, transferred 1, recruits 417, total strength 1,386. It lost 66 of its number, who were killed or died of wounds and 159 from other causes. The 14th was the last three years' regiment furnished by the state, many of its men having expected to join other regiments. It left the state for Washington on Oct. 18, 1862, arrived there two days later and was assigned to defense duty. It remained near Washington, performing varied services until in Feb., 1864, when it was ordered to the upper Potomac and was encamped for a short time near Harper's Ferry. The men went home to vote and in March the regiment was ordered to Hilton Head, S. C, which was reached after terrible storms. From April to July, 1864, it was in or near New Orleans, then returned to Washington, and soon entered into active field service. It was in the fights at Deep Bottom, Winchester, Halltown, Berryville, Lock's ford, Fisher's hill, Tom's brook, Strasburg and Cedar creek, and all proved the valor of the 14th. The late winter and spring were spent in Savannah, Ga., and in May, 1865, the regiment was ordered to Augusta. So much southern service was disastrous to the health of the troops and they lost heavily through sickness.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 1

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