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14th Massachusetts Infantry
in the Civil War

Regimental History
Fourteenth Infantry. — Col., William B. Greene; Lieut.-Col., Samuel C. Oliver; Maj., Levi P. Wright. The 14th, composed of Essex county men, was mustered in at Fort Warren, July 5, 1861, and was ordered to Washington. After serving in the defenses of Washington for the remainder of the year, it became on Jan. 1, 1862, the 1st regiment Mass. heavy artillery, under which name its history will appear. Co. A was composed of the Heard Guards of Ipswich; Co. B came from Methuen; Co. C, Mechanic Phalanx of Lynn; Co. D, Essex Cadets; Co. E, from Amesbury ; Co. F, Scott Guards ; Co. G, from Marblehead ; Co. H, Andover Light Infantry ; Co. I, Putnam Guards of Danvers, and Co. K, Lawrence City Guards.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 1

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