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13th Massachusetts Infantry
in the Civil War

Regimental History
Thirteenth Infantry - Col., Samuel H. Leonard ; Lieut.-Cols., N. Walter Batchelder, Charles H. Hovey; Majs., Jacob Parker Gould, Elliott C. Pierce. The 13th was mustered into the U. S. service at Fort Independence, July 16, 1861, and was mustered out at Boston, Aug. 1, 1864. It numbered 1,411 men, and its loss by death from wounds was 102. Co. A was made up of the Boston City Guard; Co. G, Grey Eagles; Co. H, Mechanic Riflemen, and Co. K, Westboro Rifles. The 4th battalion of rifles, Mass. militia formed a large part of the regiment, which left the state July 30, 1861, for Hagerstown, Md., and from there was ordered to Sharpsburg. Various posts along the upper Potomac were held during the autumn and winter, and in the second battle of Bull Run the regiment suffered its first heavy losses. Its next engagement was Antietam, after which it was with the Army of the Potomac on its march south and at Fredericksburg, where the 13th was on the skirmish line. It took part in the Chancellorsville campaign and at Gettysburg made a gallant charge, in which it met with great loss. After the Mine Run campaign the regiment established winter quarters at Mitchell's station, which it occupied till April 26, 1864, when it rejoined the army and took part in the Wilderness campaign. At the Wilderness the position of the 13th was not especially exposed but, at Spottsylvania, May 8, it was in the front of the fight. During the remainder of the campaign it was in the engagements at North Anna river, Bethesda Church and Cold Harbor, generally on the skirmish line, and was occupied in siege duties at Petersburg when its term of service expired. The recruits and reenlisted men were transferred to the 39th Mass. infantry.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 1

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