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43rd Indiana Infantry
in the American Civil War

Online Books:
43rd Indiana Infantry Officer Roster - Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana, Volume 2, by W.H.H. Terrell, Adjutant General, Indiana, 1865 View Entire Book
43rd Indiana Infantry Soldier Roster - Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana, Volume 5, by W.H.H. Terrell, Adjutant General, Indiana, 1866 View Entire Book

Regimental History
Forty-third Indiana Infantry. — Cols., George K. Steele, William E. McLean, John C. Major; Lieut. -Cols., William E. McLean, John C. Major, Wesley W. Norris; Majs., William L. Farrow, John C. Major, Wesley W. Norris, Charles W. Mess. This regiment was organized at Terre Haute and was mustered in Sept. 27, 1861. Soon afterward it moved to Spottsville, Ky., thence to Calhoun, where it went into camp until late in Feb., 1862. It was transferred to Missouri, attached to Gen. Pope's army, and participated in the siege of New Madrid and Island No. 10. Later it was with Foote's gunboat fleet at Port Pillow for 69 days and was the first Union regiment to land in the city of Memphis. With the 42nd Ind., it formed the garrison there for two weeks until reinforced. In July, 1862, it was ordered up the White river, Ark., and later to Helena. It accompanied Hovey's expedition to Grenada, Miss., and on its return to Helena took part in the expedition to Yazoo pass. At the battle of Helena it supported a battery, repulsing three attacks and capturing a regiment greater in numbers than its own. It assisted in the capture against Little Rock, and reenlisted there in Jan., 1864. It moved with the expedition being engaged at Elkin's and Jenkins' ferries, Camden and Marks' mills. At the latter place its brigade engaged in guarding a train of wagons from Camden to Pine Bluff, was attacked by 5,000 of Marmaduke's cavalry, the 43d losing nearly 200 in killed, wounded and missing. Among the captured were 104 reenlisted veterans. It was furloughed home June 10 and while there it volunteered to go to Frankfort, Ky., which was threatened by Morgan's cavalry. It remained at Frankfort until the enemy left that part of the state, and on the way home it was in a skirmish with guerrillas near Eminence, Ky. At the conclusion of its furlough the regiment was placed on duty at Indianapolis, guarding prisoners at Camp Morton. Of 164 men captured in Arkansas and taken to the enemy's prison at Tyler, Tex., 10 or 12 died, the others returning in March, 1865, and joining the regiment at Indianapolis. The regiment was mustered out June 14, 1865. Its original strength was 985; gain by recruits, 1,154; reenlistments, 165; total, 2,304. Loss by death, 206; desertion, 121; unaccounted for, 285.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 3

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